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Making Money with Your Knowledge and Expertise as a writer

Making Money with Your Knowledge and Expertise as a Writer
The Art of Self-Publishing and Its Benefits
Mona Sharif
the steps that are here in this book); you will be able to secure a more lucrative deal
for your future works.
This will be the key to your success, because you will now be „someone' in the
literary world and will be able to demand a substantial fee for signing up with any
publisher. Moreover, you can point to your record of accomplishments since you
would have already brought a lot of profit to whomever you have worked with.
3. Secure Services Draw the Customers to the Website
In this section, we will discuss how the risk of internet theft or internet fraud has
actually ticked people off from opening their wallets on different sites.
This usually happens because there have been intrica te and complex swindles, where
fraudulent people ripped their victims off
their money. Sadly, after all the efforts
there has been no way to track the
The most common type of cyber crime seen
over the past few years is that of credit
cards being hacked. This happens when
users are required to enter their credit card
numbers on websites to make purchases. Once one inserts the number, hackers steel
the card number and use it to make many other transactions. This only comes to the
attention of victimized people when they receive their credit bill at the end of the
These frequent scenarios have put people off, and they resist buying eBooks from
However, it is a fact that if you are to purchase from a vendor with a big name, such
as Amazon, you can rest assured that your information is safe. Since it is such a large
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