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Making Money with Your Knowledge and Expertise as a writer

Making Money with Your Knowledge and Expertise as a Writer
The Art of Self-Publishing and Its Benefits
Mona Sharif
In fact, we can also point to the fact that the online giant is greatly responsible for the eBook
phenomenon. Being one of the pioneers of the idea, Amazon boasts about being the largest
collection holder of eBooks on the internet. Due to this, people looking for a specific eBook
know that they will have higher chances of finding it on Amazon, rather than any place else.
From the perspective of a publisher, Amazon offers much more than the availability of rare
eBooks. Here are some reasons why Amazon is a better choice to use as a platform for
1. Large Customer Base
You can count on the website's reputation to attract more customers than you had
hoped for, as compared to any other website. This is because, not many people have
walked away from Amazon without finding what they were looking for. Since
Amazon is famous for having the most number of eBooks on the internet, this fact can
turn into the key to success for your eBook. That is because, even if one did not visit
the website with the intent to purchase an eBook related to the niche you write in, he
will find your book on the archive. Visitors would be tempted into buying a copy of
your eBook upon going through the short summary and few comments that you
and/or previous buyers would have left.
Such sales are popular as “Random Sales” and are usually on an all time high at
Amazon. You will find that the more the
number of people visiting your page on
Amazon, the higher the number of sales and
potential sales you get.
However, Amazon does not just only rely on
random sales to boost the number of copies
that you end up selling. Amazon remains
famous as the place to visit if you want an
eBook. Prospective buyers of a business-related book simply have to search the
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