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Making Money with Your Knowledge and Expertise as a writer

Making Money with Your Knowledge and Expertise as a Writer
The Art of Self-Publishing and Its Benefits
Mona Sharif
owners. This is a very serious issue, because if a publisher finds out that you have
committed copyright violations after they have published your wo rk, you will have to
face the music. You will have to pay a compensation amount to the person you have
copied the content from and the website that will claim for damages to their reputation
because of you.
There are many different plagiarism checkers available to download from the internet.
Although we may not want to do it intentionally, plagiarism often occurs
unintentionally, especially when we unconsciously reproduce the same sentence that
we have read on another source.
These plagiarism checkers are smart little tools that
allow you to ensure that your work is original. If you
have made a few references, remember, too many
references are discouraged by publishers. That is
because they want your own work and not a collection
of works done on the same topic by different authors.
However, you should ensure using an acceptable
number of references and make sure they are credible.
Moreover, you should sought prior acceptance by the authors and publishers, so that
they do not press charges against you. It is also imperative that you insert a proper
bibliography at the end of the book. This way, the publisher or anyone checking for
copyright can go through it easily and make sure that your book does not contain
anything illegal.
Over here, it is also imperative to mention that, if your book is without a certain
number of references, many audiences will consider it as raw content, which will only
make them skeptical about it. This is because, they want to know what other authors,
and experts in the area think about the theories you propose. If you find supporting
evidences from other work, it will bring a lot more authentication for your theory.
Authenticity is something that both publishers and readers look for in a book.
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