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Making Money with Your Knowledge and Expertise as a writer

Making Money with Your Knowledge and Expertise as a Writer
The Art of Self-Publishing and Its Benefits
Mona Sharif
Most publishing websites offer the service of
adding illustrations to your work after it is
complete. Since your book will be reliant on
some images or pictures, it is best that you choose
your own illustrations and use them in a
systematic manner.
It is quite important that you make correct choices
of pictures and charts to insert in your book.
Remember, since it is a business related book, you will do well to include illustrations
and examples of charts and tables. This way, you will be able to convey your ideas in
a more systemized manner. For example, if we are to make a Strength Weakness
Opportunity and Threat (SWO T) analysis, it will serve us well to do so
Of course, this does not mean that you should entirely use diagrams for this purpose.
You can add text below the diagram to explain your point further, but a diagram
should contain a summary of the things you have discussed. This will be very helpful
for your readers, who just want to gloss over the details of the diagram without going
into in-depth analysis. However, as a professional writer it is your duty to provide as
much information as is possible, because (more often than not) some scholars would
want to go through the details of the diagram. That could put you in a precarious
situation if you receive a negative review regarding
this, after publishing the book.
6. Ingenuity
It is important that your book is completely your
own original work. Remember, if you are going to
cite references from other journals or websites, you
must ask for prior consent from the authors or
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