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Making Money with Your Knowledge and Expertise as a writer

Making Money with Your Knowledge and Expertise as a Writer
The Art of Self-Publishing and Its Benefits
Mona Sharif
the field they are working in for the past many years. I just have one word for them „self-
There are people who go as far as doing a doctorate degree to accumulate enough knowledge
to write on a subject. However, I believe that if you were to rival them and prese nt your book
in a systemized manner, it would prove much more fruitful to read, because you will be
writing out of experience.
This is reason enough to believe that you can make thousands of dollars online, by
systematically presenting your knowledge and discussing your experiences in a manner that
helps young aspiring entrepreneurs or students of your
field understand it better. By doing so, you will become
one of the most sought-after writers in the subject and
this would be more than enough to supplement your
Every seasoned businessperson evaluates profits and
losses before indulging in any business venture. Writing
out your knowledge and experience will definitely not be a loss for you. If you are wondering
why, then the answer is that you do not need monetary investment to begin with. All you
need is a computer, MS-Word and your time, dedicated to putting your imagination and
thoughts down in words.
All you have to spend on this project is your time and concentration. It takes only a rough
notebook, a clear mind, and a strong will to write. If you can survive in the tough economic
climate of today, I do not have any reason to believe that you cannot become an internet
sensation with your self-publication and bank thousands of dollars in the process.
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