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Sci-fi Fantasy Ebooks

Magestic - Part 1

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Published: 4 years ago

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A time traveller, a medical rescue charity, and the end of the world. Paul Holton is a young stock broker in London in 1986, being guided by a time traveler and prepared for the future, a future that they will both need to alter if disaster is to be avoided in 2025. Part 1 of 18 parts.

Jim Verdugo

I am still reading Magestic part 1 and I like it so much I am here looking for more books by G.W. Don't want to miss any.JL


brilliant,cant wait for next one.


A rollicking good read.

Annie Lowe

Fantastic, when will we get the next part ?????


I loved every word, great book.

David Tyler

Brilliant story, few typos but who cares


Read all 18 parts......Brilliant & capitivating tale.....

Gail Bryant

Love the story so far Pt ! only read. Well done and thanks for the freebie


Brilliant series of books - read all 18 parts - I loved it


Fantastic series of books - read it!!!A time traveler goes back to the 1980's in order to fix the world and prepare it for a major disaster in 2025 Absolutely brilliant read and totally addictive I am on book 16 and still can't wait to open it up every day.


cant get past the first page brill!!


Its great but you can't just stop there I have to have the rest. Where do I get it pleaasssee.


Its great but you can't just stop there I have to have the rest. Where do I get it pleaasssee.

jeff gruetzmacher

where is part 2? i liked the 1st 1

Linda McCabe

Fantastic. I want more.


Geoff Wolak

I'm a marketing consultant and computer programmer most of the time, a scuba diver some of the time, and writer when I can. I typically live in the UK, or Malta, Egypt or Spain, depending on the time of year, work, diving, weather and women - but not always in that order.

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