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Love and Lust: American Men in Costa Rica

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Published: 4 years ago

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"I love women. I love whores. I love women who are whores because they give me the best sexual bang for my money, I don’t get hassles or problems that I can‘t get rid of within ten or fifteen minutes, I don’t have to deal with a woman’s historical baggage, and the best thing of all about whores and my approach to them is that I’m almost never bored. I’m always getting surprises. It is the element of surprise that tops my list of priorities. Which is another way of saying that I am, in everything I do, a dedicated, irrepressible butterfly. To put the matter differently, I am committed to promiscuity in all of its many possible meanings. I’m promiscuous in what I read, in what I eat, in the company I seek, in the drugs I do, in the movies and museums I visit, and of course in my sex life. Well, I am not entirely promiscuous in my sex life; I am thoroughly heterosexual."

Kris Kandyn

Just classifying this under Psychology shows the incredible lengths the author went to misrepresent this book as a racey and personal account of his experiences in Costa Rica. It turns out to be a parchingly dry history article suitable only for a journal. I can't believe I wasted a download due to your lies!

David Martin

Excellent book exploring prostitution in Costa Rica and the risky behavior practiced by both prostitutes and their clients. As a resident of Costa Rica, I think this book hits the nail on the head.


Very interesting Jacobo. Being in Costa Rica this certainly explains a lot of what we see around here. Looking forward to reading your other books!


Jacobo Schifter

The author has a PhD in History from Columbia University, New York. He has written more than 20 books on US relations with Central America, the Jewish Community in the region, and on sexual minorities. Many of these books have been published in the States. Among these are Lila's House, A Study on Male Prostitution in Latin America, The Sexual Construction of Latino Youth, Macho Love. A Study of Sex in Prison and many others. The author currently works at UPEACE, teaching courses on Gender and Genocide.

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