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LinkedIn For Business

group that is looking to bring together people for a specific project such
as building a new store in a city and so on.
By linking your group to your Twitter account, you can automatically turn
new discussions and comments into tweets.
Finally sign the agreement and click “create a group.”
5.2 Branded vs. Interest groups
While there are many types of possible group for you to create. There
are two main themes to bear in mind. These two types revolve around a
single question. Do you want group members to know this group is run
by your company?
A branded group is upfront. This means the user wanting to join your
group knows exactly what it is going to be. They know people will
discuss your company, your products and your services. A lot of people
appreciate this honesty and will make an informed decision about
whether they want to join it or not.
Interest groups have the potential to discuss a wider subject than just
your company. You can use the group to gather opinions and feedback
on a range of subjects without using the group to overtly promote your
group. The risk is that users will feel betrayed if they later find out you
run the group or if the group is then used as a promotional machine.