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Sci-fi Fantasy Ebooks

Limits @ Infinity - the Immortals

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Published: 1 year ago

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Author: J.C. Bell

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The goddess Alana has failed. Now, the Elder Gods have banished her to the dying worlds, where she must suffer and wait. . . And grow strong, for one day she will stand against the Plague once more. This time, on the soil of the Seventh World. Meanwhile, Anon begins his journey in the dying elven world to save the Elf Prince, Adros. But once there, he discovers the Plague has evolved into a horror beyond imagining. Now, to save the last of the Elven race, he must face creation's greatest enemy, the embodiment of the Void itself. The fate of the universe depends on his success. But there seems only one way to prevail, for even the Maker has abandoned him in the hellish world Ki'minsyllessil. To save Prince Adros, Anon must die.

J.C. Bell

Maybe it will help to know that this is basically a prequel to my full length novel "Infinite Limits", and that it is meant to highlight, and tell the backstory, for three of the main characters. I have to admit, that neither book will fully make sense without reading them both. Nor am I certain which should be read first. Chronologically "Limits @ Infinity" is first, but much more history and info is conveyed in "Infinite Limits".I guess as long as the plot doesn't suck I can always add detailes later.J.C. Bell


The plot is essentially good, but I finished the book not really feeling like I knew any of the characters or even having a clear grasp of what happened. It needs a good bit more detail and development, IMO. I found myself wanting to know a great deal more about all the main characters as well as wondering how a number of events came to pass. All in all, if the plot were to stay the same but the book had another 1 or 2 hundred pages of detail and background it would probably be great.


J.C. Bell

J.C. Bell began writing at a young age. His first short story, Peter and Poon, was a disgusting, offensive, pornographic piece of filth. Unfortunately, his English teacher had no knowledge of its content and read it (thankfully, only the first paragraph) in front of J.C. Bell’s sixth grade English class. Peter and Poon gained immediate attention from the Middle School Principle, various faculty members, and of course, J.C. Bell’s parents. Despite J.C.’s growing popularity among his fellow students, Peter and Poon was a disaster. Remarkably, J.C. Bell’s English teacher managed to set his anger and humiliation aside. And through the ordeal, he somehow taught J.C. to respect reading and writing. After finishing the first two books of his required after school reading, that respect became love. Hundreds of novels later, and that love continues to grow. Some would even argue that, since Peter and Poon, J.C. Bell's writing has somewhat improved.

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