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Lila´s House: A Male Brothel in Downtown

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Published: 3 years ago

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Author: Jacobo Schifter

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Jacobo Schifter spent months conducting interviews inside a house of male prostitution in San Jose, Costa Rica to research this book. The result is a fascinating and consciousness-raising report, not only about male protitution, but about the Latin American sexual discourse in general--attitudes towards homosexuality (all of the prostitutes claim that they're straight and many seem to fear homosexuality), realtions between the sexes, awareness and practice of AIDS and safe sex, etc. Some of the interviews are reprinted in their entirety. The owner of the brothel, Lila, has a story worthy of a book itself. The most informed and interesting book on Costa Rican culture I have read.

Nick hall

I found this book very informative , but would had enjoyed more detail as to the going on in the house - the analysis took up much of the tale .A very enjoyable and entertaining read.


It is cruel but reallistic, i relly like it.


Jacobo Schifter

The author has a PhD in History from Columbia University, New York. He has written more than 20 books on US relations with Central America, the Jewish Community in the region, and on sexual minorities. Many of these books have been published in the States. Among these are Lila's House, A Study on Male Prostitution in Latin America, The Sexual Construction of Latino Youth, Macho Love. A Study of Sex in Prison and many others. The author currently works at UPEACE, teaching courses on Gender and Genocide.

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