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Learn to Play the Piano

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Published: 4 years ago

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Author: Mike Shaw

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Learn to play the piano, a beginners guide written by a musician and music teacher. This book is suitable for all ages and all beginners and contains everything you need to start learning to play the piano. Learn what piano notes are called and how to read sheet music within a few simple lessons. If you have a piano, keyboard or organ and you want to start learning, download this book now.


As a beginner,the book was of a great help. Thank's

Rahul kumar singh

the book is very useful for all beginners. thank you sir..

Luka Gogoshviili

it really is concession to create such book and give away for free :) thank you very much ;), this is what i've been looking for a long time :)


This is a brilliant book makes it all so easy


I'm a music teacher and i think this will be a GREAT book for beginners. i particularly like the illustration with the piano which makes it easier to teach. Will be looking forward to other Mike's books...thanks!!


Mike Shaw

Mike is a freelance music reviewer. You can read his latest piano course reviews at his website. He is a musician and a music teacher and only reviews the best courses available; he also won't review anything he hasn’t got himself. You won't find anything free on his website and he believes that if you want the best you’ve got to pay for it. So if you want freebies, go to YouTube, if you want to find out the best way to learn to play the piano, call in and read a review of probably the best piano course on the planet.

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