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Knowledge Go, Get it

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Published: 10 months ago

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Author: Natarajan Nagarethinam

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The education system was created to make people to acquire knowledge. By and large Education system all over the world produces glorified clerks. Education should impart the skills of "Thinking". Thinking helps students to learn and generate the knowledge they seek. Knowledge requirement of individuals are different and it cannot be transferred by education system. Insignificant people in the education system understand the difference between teaching and learning. Not all teaching becomes learning. But today education serves a very limited purpose of seeking an employment. Hardly 0.01% of the people I have educated get some employment and others become poorer. I have extensively researched and written the book. It is simple to impart Learning skills by following the instructions in this book.


Natarajan Nagarethinam

66 years ; Electronics Engineer (Retd), Tech Trainer, Author of Books in English & Tamil; on Poverty elimination, Science of good living, Knolwdge, Spirituality, Economics, Unix Internals (Tamil only). Believe, world can be turned a wonderful place if we concentrate on giving people the ability to learn, which is the goal of Education system but it does not have the means of achieving it.

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