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Khakhanate Book 2: The Crow

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Published: 4 years ago

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"The long-awaited sequel to The Raven continues the saga of Mongols in America to the delight of readers."-- Night Owl Reviews. Khakhanate Book Two: The Crow, continues the sweeping saga of the Mongol conquest of America. As the Mongol Khakhanate continues its inexorable expansion into the southern land mass, a young man called The Crow comes of age among the Cherokees. Grandson, nephew, and cousin to the Khans, he holds no rank of his owner. Both idealistic and rebellious, he soon runs afoul of the powerful Khans. Download this FREE e-book today!


Very unusual twist. Informative and authentic (apart fro the events)


What an armchair adventure! After reading the first book I had to read the rest.


Tom Lankenau

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