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Horror-Gothic Ebooks


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Published: 3 years ago

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Author: Zoe Winters

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Download this FREE e-book that focuses on Greta, a werecat whose tribe plans to sacrifice her during the next full moon. Her only hope for survival is Dayne--a sorcerer who once massacred most of the tribe.

Sarah Mangan

good story. felt like it could have been fleshed out a bit better in some aspects and the story could have been expanded, but overall a good read.

sandra privee

Well written story,unigue take on weres,witchcraft,and love in one.Will have my eyes open for more from this new author! Good luck and keep em coming!

sandra privee

Well written,entertaining, new take on establish subjects. Good job, keep em coming.


Great read could have been longer though.


Loved the story, agree with Holly that it should have been longer and more in depth. Loved the characters and want to know more about Dayne !!

Jenna Harris

Really well written and the characters are believable, even though they are set among a fantasy narrative. Just wish it had been longer :).

Tammy Moore

Really wonderful writer who clearly possesses fluent imagination and conveys this to us, the readers, in a such a clever & artistic way!

Jo Johns

I loved this book!


I really enjoyed this book!


I love all Zoe Winters books!


Very enjoyable short read!!!


Awesome! Wonderfully written. It has got so much love,lust,magic,danger in it with the weres, vampires,sorcerers, and other kinds living among common folks.Fabulous story.


It was a great read enjoyed the story very much I just wish it had been longer and more in depth. Loved the characters!

tracy richardson

excellent story more please.

Donna stella

very cool story. i want to see the movie.


I loved this book only problem now is that I want more pls make apart two for this novel

Kathleen Thorpe

Zoe Winters has weaved a tale of magic, sex and danger in equal measure. She paints a picture of a world where werecats, sorcerers, vampires and wizards live among normal people who are totally unaware of the dangers around them. Exciting, and fantastic story.


This book is enthralling and absolutely packed with suspense!


It was interesting...I wish it was longer :(


meh, not bad, but at the same time it seems that there is sooo much more in it that we dont know about.

sherree huber

thoroughly enjoyed would like more


Thoroughly enjoyed this one. Can't wait for the next one!


I loved your story read it in 3 hours. Couldn't put it down!

Melanie Le Grange

I could not put down this book once I started reading. Excellent!!!


really enjoyed wished she had more books out

Lisa Oberholtzer

great book not too long


Very shallow storyline, short story. Author should have spent a bit more time on this and it would have end up as good as Twilight Saga!

Rose Saliba

I enjoyed the story very much. Good story line and well written.


Enjoyed it very much. Didn't think it was long enough though. :)


Very well written and interesting

zendee rose

i like the story but it's to short for me...hope it last more than 200pages..want to read more


fantastic keep it up. wud luv to read more.

Faye Lamontt

Kind of weird....but thoroughly enjoyed it.

Rita Robbins

The book surprised me. Read it in one evening. Liked the werecat having a tabby cat for a pet.


The story itself was entertaining, but yeah, wasn't expecting all the sex scenes. This book could definitely stand alone without all that. Really enjoyed it in any case!


Very enjoyable to read. The sex wasn't too graphic and the amount of it didn't phase me. The whole thing was well-written, and I loved the ending, so I'll be sure to read your other e-books.


A little too much sex for my taste, but still a very enjoyable read.


Great Book! Quick Fun Read


this was by the best by far book I've ever read. please keep me updated on the next kept release. Thank you Zoe


A good read, loved it.


Short read, but good!


In the first few pages the book draws you in.


This book gradually picks up pace and the story unravels beautifully.


different in a good way


Really enjoyed this book. Do you have more books? I liked how it was choppy :)


A wonderful story that kept me wanting for more...great work Zoe..Waiting for your other books!

Zoe Winters

Only rated this so I could reply to Sheri. I'm sorry you found it choppy, but it was free, just saying. It is what it is. You will not be happy with my other work if you don't like this.


Very choppy read. Doesn't flow well or explain as it prob should but the idea was good. Now that the basic idea of the book is wrote, go back and add to it to make it a whole book.


Good book wish it was a little longer and the plot was kinda thin but otherwise a fun read.


I loved it. I wish it was a bit longer but still enjoyable. Not to give anything away but I found the ending very sweet.


Zoe Winters

Zoe Winters is an independent paranormal romance author. Her first print release: Blood Lust, is now available. Visit to subscribe to the newsletter for updates.

Author's Social Media:   Twitter Account

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