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Kakri: A Birthright Secrets Story

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Published: 2 months ago

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Author: Tiffany Cherney

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Liz is set to make her mark on Segennya but there's a lot to be done and it's far from smooth sailing. It's made even more complicated when Kakri, the Goddess of Segennya decides to step in and give her own type of help. For a while it seems she's actually helping, but when Kakri inadvertently uncovers that she's not the only God interfering in moral affairs a race is on to keep it from getting worse and to not let a past mistake repeat itself. A mistake that cost mortals and the Gods alike. A disaster leaves Goddess and Queen trapped below the earth trying to find a way out in a labyrinth of old safeguards and they are not alone. The earth holds long, lost secrets and it won't give them up easily igniting a battle against ancient foes and time.


Tiffany Cherney

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