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Just a Bunch of Crazy Ideas

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Published: 4 years ago

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Please take this opportunity to check out this video testimonial for my book: This book is about thoughts and ideas on a wide range of subjects. The ideas range from how to modify the game of chess to pursuing space exploration in a way that captures the imagination of the public. New and innovative viewpoints on practical methods to building a space elevator, designing a method to cope with cat litter and some simple ways to conserve energy are presented. Economic themes about the federal debt and defecit are also examined.


Thoughts of a well educated person with an annoying touch of holier than thou attitude. Some reviews say his ideas were well thought out...maybe thought out in length but certainly not in a practical sense. Title was right on.

Craig Hill

Just couldn't get on with this book ! The ideas were clearly unworkable and started to wind me up !!


Well written and some really unusual, but interesting ideas. Great reading. Thank you!


i am a dreamer, and i found the contents of this book to be totally possible.awesome readingthank you

Elmer Romulo Valdez

filled with new information which could be helpful!

Katherine Haag

Mr. Ponnapalli, thank you for sharing your insights with us. So much fun to participate with them on this level through your writing! I do think there are those who very well could someday use some of what you write to make a difference somewhere. I would love to enlist people gifted in creative perceptions/ideas, the way you obviously are, to take part in one of MY ideas for a rather complex volunteer club of a different kind. It's one that I think could even change the way we do business or maybe even provide for seniors or the disabled. (The first step would make use of volunteers gifted in coming up with good ideas...) I'd explain here, but can't possibly do it justice in this box. Perhaps it would take an ebook to explain it better... Your work brings up so many possibilities! One of my favorite things in life!


one of a kind ebook that aroused my curiosity!

kperaikyer Apir

Cool to read and wonderful in ideals


Pardu Ponnapalli

Pardu Ponnapalli is an IT professional working as an Enterprise Architect. He has been a Star Trek buff all his life. He lives in Poolesville, MD his wife, son, dog and his cat. After earning a Ph.D in Physics, he was promptly rewarded with unemployment. Realizing that he had lofty ambitions in life (like eating), he switched into the lucrative IT industry. He has been an IT professional for about 20 years. His hobbies and passions include chess, astronomy and most of all spending quality time with his son.

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