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Jack City

CHAPTER TWO: Life With Keta
Jake and I were walking our bikes instead of
pedaling. We wanted to talk quietly, which we could do
easily when walking. Jake looked a bit flabbergasted.
"So, let me get this straight," he said, "You dad
wants me to walk up to Keta and ask her why she was
swimming naked in the pond last night. Just ask her
"That is correct," I replied.
Jake stared at me for awhile and I know this sounds
vain but from the look in his eyes I think he was admiring
how pretty I was. Yah sure, that sounds bad but he had a
gleam that was fairly evident. I couldn't help but think
that the more time he spent with me, the more he liked
me. Call me crazy but I could sense this. He shrugged his
shoulders. "Ok," was all he said.
"A man of few words," I said with a small smile, "In
many girls’ eyes that would make you perfect." Jake didn't
respond but grinned for a good five seconds. "Hey, what
happened to your finger?" I asked while pointing to Jake's
right index finger.
Jake examined his finger for a brief moment.
"Cheap guitar string. I was tuning and the piece of crap
snapped and slit my finger a bit. Can hardly press down
on the new string at all, it’ll probably take a week before I
can play properly."
I think I had a stunned expression on my face that
caused Jake to mimic me. "You play the guitar?" I