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Jack City

“Why can’t I leave?” Darryl said in a moment of
clarity. “Why is it that my head hurts whenever I think of
leaving? Why are you always watching me?”
“Sir, I don’t know what you’re talking about, please
drop the weapon you are swinging.”
Darryl lowered the axe for a few seconds before
giving the guard an evil grin. “You murdered my I have to murder you.” He lifted his axe and
swung violently at the guard to the left of him barely
missing the man’s arm. Two gun blasts could be heard
simultaneously and Darryl Mason fell to the polished
That was stupid, Darryl said with his last breath.
Menendez was furious. He kept yelling that the
guards could have aimed for Darryl's legs instead of his
chest. He called the men incompetent and wanted them
removed from SCA2 altogether. "Did he say anything?"
"The perpetrator was insistent that we murdered
his father and that we were to pay for that crime," the
guard said firmly.
"The kid was a nut case; he had a child's mind."
"Maybe so sir but he had a man's strength. If you
look at the back of his neck you'll see that he had been
clawing the bottom portion of his head...looking for
This did not please Menendez as he was quite aware
of what the guard was alluding to. "And this
matters...why? Leave me, I can't bear to look at you."
Menendez pondered why Darryl chose today to
decide he wanted revenge. Why after three years did he