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Jack City

"I'm in my pyjamas, I'm not going anywhere," I
shouted back at him, maybe a bit too loud. He looked at
me with those big eyes of his and I just sighed knowing I
was not going to win any argument. "Fine, give me ten
minutes." Ben smiled, gave me the thumbs up and closed
his window.
I put my jeans on and grabbed a pullover out of the
closet. No need for socks, I slipped on some sandals and
headed next door. Now, being in Ben's room is always an
experience because you never know what you're going to
step on or what is hiding underneath the chair you want to
sit on. I walked in and was somewhat surprised to see he
had cleaned up enough for me to see that there was indeed
a floor in this room. The room used to have posters of
hockey players but those had been replaced by
snowboarders, skateboarders and Alex Bilodeau, a mogul
skier who won a gold medal in the Vancouver Olympics.
When we were young kids we used to colour the walls until
Ben's mother put up some weird wallpaper that was
impossible to mess up. I often wondered if the black and
white vertical lines messed up Ben's brain if he stared at it
for too long.
"Pretty cool posters eh?" he said proudly.
"Yes, very cool Ben," I said honestly. "What have
you got for me?"
Ben winked at me, which kind of freaked me out
coming from a boy two years younger than me. He
dropped to his knees and pulled out a shoebox from
underneath his bed. "I was in JCF yesterday with Stinky
just goofing around as usual. He wanted to build a fort,
which is stupid 'cause we had no wood or even a cardboard
box for goodness sake. Anyway we were diddling around
throwing mud pies at each other and I dug my fingers deep