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Jack City

I heard him yelling from across the yard but really
didn't want to get off of my comfortable bed. I was reading
a book in my pyjama's with a cup of hot chocolate waiting
for me on my nightstand. He kept yelling and I knew that
if I didn't get up soon my mom would be opening my
bedroom door with her arms raised.
Ben Rousseau is the kid next door. He is kind of
like a brother since we have been neighbours since he was
born and we hung out a lot until about a year ago. Ben can
be a royal pain in the butt but his heart is always in the
right place and he seems to have this need to be my
protector. Last year when Buddy pushed me against my
locker Ben came out of nowhere and jumped on Buddy's
shoulders throwing as many punches as he could before
the bigger kid threw him to the school floor.
I swung my legs off the bed and stepped to my open
window, sticking my head underneath. "What's up Ben?" I
said anxious to end the conversation quickly.
"Just wanted to know if you're okay," he said.
He's such a sweet kid sometimes, I thought. "It's
bizarre a bit Ben, not sure what to think you know?"
"Yah, yah, I understand," he answered. "Listen, I
found something in the JCF, I think you should see this
but you got to promise me you won't tell anyone."
I found that sort of funny. JCF is an acronym for
Jack City Forest that we use. "Well then, you may wanna
stop yelling that through an open window."
"Oh yah, right," he said sheepishly. "Come over