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Jack City

gave him little information. He asked the driver if there
was more information and was met with a reply of no.
"I have been told to tell you the following," the
driver said.
"And what is that?" Menendez asked waiting
impatiently for a reply.
The driver took a quick glance at his rear view
mirror. "I was told to tell you to remember the Phoenix
When he arrived at the checkpoint that would allow
him to enter the hidden town of Jack City, he was
astounded at the amount of army vehicles. What was
more amazing is that in a matter of five minutes the sky
had turned from sunny to rain and winds gusting at eighty
miles an hour. "How is this possible?" he asked the guard.
"You'll find out in a few minutes sir," the guard
yelled above the sound of the howling wind, "Just look
up...way up."
Menendez was driven to an open field owned by a
company the locals called SCA. He disembarked and was
immediately given an umbrella that only stayed open in
the strong winds for about twenty seconds. The rain
lashed his face like tiny grains of sand. A soldier waved to
the man asking him to follow closely.
"We've nailed down the carp to protect it," the
soldier yelled.
"Protect what?" Menendez inquired.
"No one told you?" the soldier said. "To protect the
alien craft, sir."