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Jack City

one of my very best friends in the whole blessed world. I
wondered what I would say to her and then I thought
about the possible after effects of this catastrophe such as,
what would the future bring for Sab? What if she had to
move? This was awful; in fact it was more than
was freaking horrifying.
I got on the phone double ASAP and called Marie,
Kristina and Rosalie and we all agreed to meet in an hour
outside of Sabrina’s home. As I slipped into my jeans it
dawned on me that Roxie had mentioned the word
“decomposing” when referring to Mr. Sander’s body. I
remembered a biology class where my teacher Ms. Lorrie
explained that in warm temperatures a body can start
decomposing in twenty-four hours but at a colder
temperature it can take up to a week if the animals haven’t
already torn the corpse apart. It wasn't a pleasant image to
say the least but we all got the message. So having thought
about this I have to mention - and I am only shooting darts
at a small board here - that during the week Sabrina may
have been a bit aloof or even strange to some degree but
she sure didn't seem overly distraught or anything like
She never once mentioned that her father was