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Jack City

room with a 20 inch television from the stone age. I'm
only grateful that it's colour and not black and white.
My parents are intensely boring, kind of like math
tutors on a Saturday morning.
So there I was brushing my hair in front of my full-
length mirror which is kind of cool 'cause it has all these
tiny bulbs implanted in the wood frame. You have to see it
to appreciate it. Anyway, I was listening to our only local
channel when I heard news that made my head shift from
clear to fuzzy not unlike the aforementioned 20 inch
television. Roxie Garrett, the only news anchor in our
little town flipped her dyed blond hair as she read the
news as best as she could. I often wonder how that dumb
blond got such a job no matter how unimportant it was
outside of our little hamlet.
My body shuddered when I saw his face and then
listened to Roxie as she described the crime scene. Two
local boys - Buddy and Mongrel, I'll get to them later -
were exploring the Jack City forest or JCF as we call it and
found Ronald Henry Sander’s murdered body. I dropped
my brush and immediately ran downstairs screaming at
the top of my lungs. My parents were already watching
the event unfold on their TV. They had little to say as
usual and I walked back upstairs shaking with anger and I
have to say, a bit of fear. I knew right then, as I re-entered
my safe haven, that I had to call my friends and meet at
Sabrina’s home. We had to do something, I mean maybe
we would leave flowers on the front lawn - I don't know -
but we had to be close to her. We had to console her and
tell her we would always be here for her. It's what friends
If you are wondering who Sabrina is then left me fill
you in. She is Ronald Henry Sander's daughter and only