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Jack City

Sab shifted to face me with a big smile. "Sounds
great, are we pitching a tent in JCF?"
That was a strange answer and why would we even
consider doing that. "Don't be silly, we're heading out to
Algonquin, gonna meet up with bears and the like."
Sab appeared flabbergasted searching for words.
"You're leaving Jack City?" She said louder than a whisper
before uttering the words that sent shivers rushing down
my spine.
"We can't leave...we can never leave."
To be continued.
Robert J Dornan is the proud father of two
incredible children. Aside from being a miserable recluse,
he is presently a hopeless and frustrated fanatic of Toronto
sports teams.
Coming Soon: Legends of Tanushka
499 pages
Fantasy – Children and Young Adult