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Jack City

on any map I have seen recently although the region of
Durham recognized our existence in a city planners
meeting five years ago. SCA2 has Clarington as its official
address but accepts no visitors through its gates without a
written invitation signed by the President whom, may I
add, has never been seen. Not only that but since the
Week of Disasters all highway road signs have been
removed so unless you have detailed instructions on how
to find us you never will. That being said the only visitors
we ever get are the parents who come to watch their
children play against the Cougars. Oh and once during a
really bad storm we had skiers looking for places to sleep.
We often joke about the faces of these people when they
get here. To us they look as if they just entered the twilight
zone and can’t wait to tell their friends and family about
the strange little town twenty minutes north of Whitby.
We have a population of 1,196 and seven hundred of
those citizens arrived six years ago after the infamous
"Week of Disasters". I was only seven going on eight when
the craziness occurred but I remember it as if it was only
yesterday. What has always haunted me about this
particular week is that no one outside of Jack City
experienced the same horror. I have thoroughly checked
the weather conditions for that time period in our school
library and not only were we the only town to be effected
by the adverse weather but the actual events were never
recorded in any newspaper or TV report. Yah I know it
sounds like a time warp science fiction nonsensical story
but I can only ask the same question that anyone and
everyone would ask.
How is this possible?
Last Saturday marked the sixth anniversary of the
Week of Disasters. There weren’t any church services or