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Jack City

I hugged my father understanding his words and
trying to blot out the thought of the same thing happening
to my mother and I. “Thank-you dad, you’ve made me
very happy.”
He sniffed and kissed my forehead again. “Now get
your little butt upstairs and go to sleep. When you wake
up the three of us will go to Darlington’s and have a family
breakfast with no TV to interrupt us.”
I smiled excitedly and hugged him one more time. I
got up and started to walk away but turned back just for
one more sentence. “Hey Dad, maybe someday you Mom
and I will walk out of Jack City together.” He looked at me
with a big grin but his eyes told a different story. “I love
you,” I said honestly.
It was the beginning of a new era for my family and
from this point on we never slipped back into the strangers
we had become. I never felt more loved than I did tonight
and when my head touched the pillow I fell into a deep
If you don’t know which side street to turn off on
you will never find Jack City. It is buried half a mile
behind a ski hill and during the peak winter season we can
see the lights on top of the hill from wherever we are. The
town’s history has never been detailed and events from
fifty years ago are shady at best. Rumour has it that the
actual name was derived from a visitor who in jest yelled,
“This town has jack,” as in there is nothing here. We’re not