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Jack City

personally put my finger on what is happening here but I
get the impression that we are toy soldiers being
manipulated by SCA2 or something. I wish I knew but
since I don’t that should explain why I want you out of
“It was his birthday last week,” I added. “Just like
My father nodded his head again. “Yes, he turned
forty, how did you know that?”
“I heard it from someone,” I said feeling terrible for
lying. “Dad, he was missing for a week and no one said
anything, don’t you find that strange?”
“You’re a good little detective, when did that
happen?" he asked with a small grin. "Brossard was here
earlier Amanda, he thought it necessary to tell your
mother and I that you were lingering around Sabrina’s
home like it was a crime or something. My goodness, your
best friend’s father was found dead and you wanted to see
if the girl was okay...what a dink. He was an ass when we
were growing up and he’s an ass now. To answer your
question, yes I found it strange but we were asked to keep
quiet for whatever reason, not sure why. I thought Ronnie
took off to tell you the truth. I thought he had had enough
and got on a bus or something like that. I imagined he was
trekking across Canada or the United States. I was wrong
“What will happen to Sab and Mrs. Sanders?”
“That’s a very grown-up question baby,” my father
said taking a deep breath. “They’ll go on with their lives
and eventually accept that he is gone but hopefully they’ll
both remember the Ronnie I knew, the real man not the
shell of a man he had become.”