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Jack City

I didn’t like the man; in fact I never liked him. The
few times I visited Sabrina’s home he was always there
with a beer in his hand yelling out different orders at Mrs.
Sanders. Get me a beer, get me my newspaper; where’s
the remote? He would sit in that old black leather chair
with the furniture fluff hanging out wearing only a t-shirt
and sweatpants. It was embarrassing for me to see his
belly hanging out so I can only imagine how Sabrina felt.
I guess I should start first by telling you my name.
I'm Amanda Cunningham and I was not named after any
dead family members or some popular celebrity, I should
be so lucky. Nope, instead my parents named me after a
silly song from the seventies called Mandy, which is short
for Amanda. I heard recently that the songwriter was
singing about his dog so you can imagine my dismay and
disgust when I learned that little tidbit. To this day I won't
talk to anyone who calls me anything other than Amanda.
It was just past noon on Saturday and I was
watching television in my bedroom. My parents had
bought me my own TV last year so that I could watch
videos with my friends when they slept over. Seems like a
great thing to do right? No! Truth be told they hated
sharing their blessed 42-inch screen as it was their only
sense of entertainment so they tucked me away in my