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Jack City

CHAPTER THREE: The Talent Show
I peeked out the draw curtains about ten minutes
before the show was to begin. It was a full house with
probably six hundred people minimum gabbing with
whoever was nearby. I noticed Mrs. Lorrie speaking with
my mom, which worried me a bit even if I was a straight A
The girls and I weren't scheduled to be on stage for
another hour as the younger kids would hold the spotlight
for the first half. Last year some of the cookie cutter
parents complained that their kids were too tired to
perform after eight pm so planning was changed according
to age as opposed to the entertainment. This made it
difficult 'cause guys like Mongrel and Buddy would have to
push the piano and amplifiers on and off the stage all
night. The smaller kids tended to stick to dance routines
and magic tricks but a few of them were quite adept with
flutes and the piano.
Rosalie tugged on my blouse and told me that
Kristina had finally arrived. She had to wait for her
mother or something like that. I hated to ask Rosalie this
following question but I was curious. "Have you seen
Jake, he hasn't been around all day."
Rosalie didn't bat an eyelash and answered without
any sign of jealousy. "Yes, about ten minutes ago, he was
outside with Ben. They look like two brothers."
I let go a long sigh of relief. "This is what they have
become, it's kind of cute."