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Jack City

He was surprised and elated to see Hall on the first
day he arrived in Jack City. When asked how it was
possible his buddy told him that this was a cushy job and if
he had to be there then Angelos would be there too. Hall
had asked his Colonel to pull a few strings and in the end it
was considered an act of good will between Americans and
The two soldiers pulled up in front of 79 Madison
Street and stared at the front lawn. "Whoever this guy is
he did a decent job on his lawn," Hall noticed. "God, these
houses all look the same, it's like fast food architecture."
"Yep," Angelos answered, "But I bet he doesn't have
to share it with three American slobs like I do."
"Oh stop being such a woman," Hall grunted.
"You're not the one who cleans the bathrooms."
They stepped out of their black Honda and walked
up the front steps. After knocking on the door twice they
walked around back to see if Jones was gardening in his
small yard. Angelos tried to open the back porch door but
it was locked. The windows were dirty and the blinds were
shut so he was unable to see anything. "No go Mike, I've
got the Master Key so come on, we'll open the front door.
"It's freaking hot out here," Angelos complained as
he opened the sturdy white door. The two entered the
house and both exhaled and commented how nice and
cool it was inside the house. Hall called out for Jones but
no one answered.
"I'll check upstairs," Angelos said, "You do whatever
it is you do in these situations, I think the rest of the world
calls it nothing."
Hall shrugged his shoulders. "Want some juice or
something?" The soldier made his way to the kitchen area