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Jack City

sweeping her father's death under the rug like dust and it
was her duty, her love of her father that carried her
vengeance. This was her way of keeping a connection,
keeping the flame of her love for him alive. Every day at
school the young student studied Rosalie and Kristen,
watching their secret signals such as tapping their watches
or the occasional wink to confirm their snobby
haughtiness, the superiority they thought they had.
She thought of breaking into Rosalie's house when
no one was home but realized this was far too dangerous
and the consequences of being caught would be
devastating. It dawned on her that only one person in this
entire town knew as much as Kristina's father or maybe
not as much but a good deal. An hour earlier she had
taken a bottle of Valium from her mother's bathroom
cabinet and stuck them in her pocket. She knew she would
need these in order to overpower her victim. To cover her
face she pulled a black ski mask out of her dresser and put
it on. She opened her bedroom closet and pulled out five
bungee cords her father had once used to strap luggage
and bikes to the roof of their car. Sab swung them around
her shoulder and elbow and then left to pay an unexpected
visit to Brian Brossard.
Her "true" home was only minutes from Brossard
but the new cookie cutter home was a good ten minutes by
bike. She slid out of her house without waking her mother
and hopped on her five speed. The street lamps were
bright so she rode on front lawns instead of the street.
Walking home that day she noticed a camera on the last
streetlight of the road she now lived on and remarked on
how it rotated every ten seconds. She would have to hide
behind the last house on the east side of the road and wait
for the camera to be facing west before she took off as