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Jack City

She did not like her new house because it did not
feel like home. There was nothing about it that made her
feel safe, secure or happy. Her mother, meanwhile,
seemed to be adjusting quite easily and was already
making friends with the neighbours and people she met at
SCA2. It bothered Sabrina that in the last week her
mother had failed to mention her father once. He was
barely in the grave and was being forgotten by the woman
he had loved since high school. For the last hour she had
been holding a framed picture of her father while lying on
her bed. She smiled while remembering vacations and
funny moments with the man who called her huggy bear.
The one time he wore her ballet tutu around his neck for a
family Christmas photo; tossing the football and riding
their bikes through town during rain storms not caring
what anyone thought. He was once the best father ever
and it was those times that she would hold close to her
Sab deposited her new watch in the drawer of the
side table next to her bed and then slipped on black pants
and a black sweater. It was past eleven p.m. and she
hoped to camouflage herself from the cameras that
Amanda insisted were on every street corner.
In the last two weeks the anger inside of her would
not subside and she would not let it. She played a good
game with her mother not allowing the woman to see the
fire that had become more and more intense. SCA2 was