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Jack City

"Essentially yes and if she were to have children
here her kids or those in future generations would
eventually become like the rest of us humans with no
differences. The stronger genes would eventually prevail."
Jake shook his head a few times. "What's your
point Mandy?"
"She mentioned that she liked one of the guards
when she was locked up in SCA2, which to me means that
she was attracted to him...right? Maybe everything about
going home is a smoke screen. Maybe she is really here to
breed a new super race. Maybe, just maybe, others are
already here or on their way and this has been the plan all
along. Is it not possible that she and Mr. Menendez are in
"What kind of super race? Having a second lung
doesn't seem like a big value to the military."
I pursed my lips a bit and rethought my theory. "It
is if the future children can live under water. They
wouldn't need our food...I'm just thinking out loud, that's
all. They could build towns and stuff like the Lost City of
"That would be kind of neat but in all honesty I'm
not buying that theory, she seems to have a great hate on
for Menendez. She wants to get home."
Jake had good reason to believe that and I agreed
although I had to leave the second option open. "For the
time being I would like it if you were careful with her,
that's all I'm saying."
He paused before speaking and then touched my
hand briefly. "I hope she helps us Mandy, I really do but
in the end it is just you and me. Nothing else matters."
And there it was. Jake Brossard liked me and only