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Jack City

"You didn't answer my question," Jake insisted
while overcoming the fear in his belly.
Keta breathed out of her nose. "For the time being
Jake I will tell you who I am not."
"Good enough," Jake answered quietly
Keta leaned forward and looked into Jakes eyes
causing him to shudder. "I am not a thirteen year old
Brian Brossard was parked outside the SCA2
building at around 10 a.m. His head hurt from one too
many beers the night before. He lit a cigarette and cracked
open the cruiser window. It was another quiet day and if
all turned out well he would catch a few winks of sleep
before noon.
He was born on New Year's Day, thirty seven years
ago to parents who were disappointed to be parents. They
wanted to travel the world and when the news of
pregnancy came they thought about abortion until they
learned that the baby was too far along and aborting could
cause fatality to the mother. Brian was not born to bells
and whistles but instead to sighs and tears of sadness.
The young Brossard did fairly well in school given
that any support on the home front was practically non-
existent. He played sports and became quite good in
hockey, a sport he held as important as religion. From a
young age he had been infatuated with Melissa Cadbury