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Jack City

She had said it in such a way that made Jake
wonder if she knew she had been seen. "Well no, not me
but someone I know."
Keta smiled but it was not a smile of appreciation, it
was more a smile that was a sedge way into a whole new
subject, one that would leap frog Jake into an adventure
he may not be prepared for. "Do you find Jack City to be a
very strange town Jake?" she asked.
"Didn't used to be," the boy answered honestly.
"Since the cookie cutters arrived a lot has changed and not
for the better either."
"Does it greatly bother you to have outsiders
making decisions that will foretell your future?"
Jake shrugged. "I don't know of any decisions
they're making, all I know is that things are different since
they've been here. People are dying; I know this for a
"And you do not recognize why they are dying but
you wish to find out...right?" Jake looked at her totally
astonished. Had she been watching him and Amanda? He
could not speak and thankfully it was Keta who decided to
answer her own question. "The young boy found an
impressive piece of metal; the three of you visited the
strange girl living amongst the people you call the cookie
cutters; you found it necessary to locate the crazy man
outside the forested area; Amanda and her father called a
small town called Madison and finally the young boy saw
someone in the pond yesterday evening. I believe you said
earlier that I was freaking you am I doing now?"
Jake could feel the sweat underneath his armpits
drip inside his shirt. "Who are you?"
"Amanda is not the only person you need Jake
Brossard," she quipped.