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It Is S.A.D.: The Leftist Brain Exposed

Second, Weak Self Control: A Leftist is not well disciplined. Of course there are many
variances, but about daily life their ability to deny themselves and to command
themselves is weak. This explains the concepts of ?free love? and other forms of self-
indulgence. You will see more Leftists gathering around a Starbucks than you will
Conservatives. Why is that?
Because Conservatives are worried about too much caffeine and liberals refuse to
consider it may cause them all manner of harm.
They revel in the ambiance where they can see and be seen.
This weakness is a part of their favoring a strong ?benevolent? leader. For example, in a
room of people they, more than Conservatives, will automatically select the tallest and
biggest male in the room to be the leader. They do this on blind faith, with hardly any
thought as to whether this tall stranger might be as dumb as a rubber crutch. This faith
sometime borders on worship of big and powerful.
This weak self-control or discipline is also why they gravitate to occupations which
provide them protection. This is why they fit so well into academia, Hollywood, the
theater, governmental jobs and many of the art forms. Of course, they generally avoid
governmental jobs that reek with danger, such as police, military, and related
occupations. In my 13 years of military service, and my 34 years in and around law
enforcement, the Leftist was scarce as teeth on a hen.
Third, Religious Worship: Most Leftists avoid worship of intangible Gods. It is a strange
anomaly with number two above.
You would think a person, who has weak self-control and opts out for the big guy in the
room, would go beyond that and worship a God. They have trouble making the leap.
Most professed Atheists are Leftists, and many of them can be downright intolerant. They
tend to develop spittle around the corners of their mouth when you say ?God is Good?,
but again another imponderable appears. They shut up when a Muslim says, ?Allah is
Great?. The weak self-control allows fear to act as a brake creating inconsistency. Just try
to argue with a Leftist that atheism is a Religion. They do not get the concept. You see
religion is generally described as a set of beliefs in the hereafter. You might believe in
several intangible Gods or Rocks or wind as Gods etc., but the Leftists does not fathom
that if you believe there is no God, and no hereafter, that is such a set of beliefs.
Fourth; Avoidance of History: What is meant here is that the Leftist pays scant attention
to history as a precursor of the future.
History proves, making peace is spotty and not long lasting.
Further history is clear war is a part of the yearly chronicle of Homo Sapiens existence.
In my long life, we suffered WW II, Korean War, Vietnam War, Bosnia, Panama, Island
of Grenada, and Middle East Wars in Somalia, Kuwait, Iraq, and Afghanistan.
I am certain I have missed one or two, and I am talking only about the United States. Add
all the other wars and there is no end to it. Leftist believe that once we have world
government we can cure the problem. Impossible…. a dream,… a fantasy. Just look at
Islam as an example. The Leftist does not see a danger in Islam and refuses to pay any
attention to their history of abuse and war. The Leftist cannot use History as a learning