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Inner Circle Probationer Grades

Warning:- This material is confidential. It relates to The Inner circle probationer grade
. Do not reveal this material to anyone outside of Inner circle. Do not leave it lying around where
others might see it.
Introduction To The Inner Circle
Congratulations on joining my Inner Circle.
Members share one thing in common. They all desire to become WEALTHY, POWERFUL
and FREE. I only accept people who I think have a good chance of achieving these things.
Now that you have been accepted into my group, let me tell you a little more about Inner
The Inner circle is a group of people under my personal instruction. It is a 'secret' group in
the following sense:-
The members never meet each other.
Details of members are kept strictly confidential.
'Normal' people do not suspect the existence of this group.
Membership is by my personal invitation only.
The teaching materials are kept segregated into 'power levels', or grades. This means that
All members swear to keep the teaching materials secret.
To be a member of my Inner circle is something very special. Together, we will build a
bridge of trust between us. You will come to trust me, and to believe that the information I will be
giving you is true. I will come to trust you not to reveal our secrets to just anyone.
Why all this secrecy? Is this something Masonic? Are we like the Loyal Order of Moose?!!
No. It's nothing like that. Let me start by explaining one of the basic tenets of my philosophy:-
People are NOT equal. They never have been, and they never will be. Any attempts to make
them equal are doomed to failure. Some people are superior to others - they always have been. Most
people are like sheep - they always will be. This is just a plain, simple fact of life. We are not sitting
in judgement here, just stating the obvious. Despite protestations to the contrary, society seeks to
penalise the intelligent and successful and ‘redistribute’ the loot to the inept, lazy and weak. It does
this through force of arms. This I consider to be one of the biggest evils in existence and one which
should be resisted with every fibre of your being.
There, you see! I've shocked you a little already! But remember, this is only PROBATIONER
level material. As you rise through the grades, I intend to shock you a great deal more! This is
information is only revealed to you a bit at a time, as I feel you are able to absorb it.