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I Bring the Fire Part I: Wolves

might share a common ancestor!”
Loki blinks.
“We probably don't have time for that, Dear. Right Loki?” says Beatrice.
Loki stifles a laugh at Beatrice's conspiratorial prompting, but he's more impressed than
repulsed. It's something Hoenir would do – at this point Loki is quite inured to dung collection.
Pursing his lips he says, “Maybe later. For now, perhaps you should drive more slowly? We are
close enough to the castle for it to be safe after dark.”
“Right,” says Amy, steering the vehicle so it straddles the dung.
Loki hopes none gets on the axles; it is quite foul smelling. He sighs. Elves. No appreciation
for any type of evolution.
Chapter 8
Amy was glad for the chance to slow down. It gave her a chance to look around. As they
crossed the neat fields of what looked like wheat, she could see little thatched cottages. She
caught sight of goats, sheep, small shaggy horses, chickens – and sometimes hadrosaurs. From
afar their scales were reminiscent of tropical birds, deep almost iridescent green, with spots of
red and yellow.
As they drove along, people – well, they looked like people – came out of their little homes,
took one look at them, and rushed back in. If they hadn’t seemed so terrified Amy would
probably have stopped the car and gotten out – no matter how much Loki might have have
Now they are just a few miles from the city proper. Two knights are coming up the road
towards them. She thinks they are knights anyway. They are wearing armor more like what she is
accustomed to from the Art Institute, are seated on shaggy little white horses and carrying lances.
Their faces and ears are covered, so despite their proximity she can’t see if they’re elven knights.
“Um...” says Amy.
Loki, now looking like a very pale Conan the Barbarian, looks at the door. “Where is the
window crank? I’d like to address them.”
“The button,” says Amy.
“What button?” says Loki.
“Switch,” says Beatrice.
“Ahhhhh....” says Loki.