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I Bring the Fire Part I: Wolves

She’s got to convince Beatrice not to go with this guy. As soon as the flames are out, she runs
up the stairs and finds Beatrice packing a small overnight bag in her bedroom.
...and gets nowhere with her cajoling, arguments or pleas.
“I said I will drive him and I am going to drive him,” her grandmother says.
“But it’s crazy! You can’t drive to Alfheim! Alfheim doesn’t exist!”
“Then maybe we’ll drive a bit and come home,” says Beatrice.
“He’s a lunatic!”
Putting a toothbrush and a tube of toothpaste in an overnight bag, Beatrice smiles. “A
charming lunatic.”
“So was Ted Bundy!”
Zipping up her bag, Beatrice blinks at Amy. “Who was he?”
“A serial killer!”
Beatrice’s eyes go hard. “Do you really think Loki is a serial killer? Really?”
Amy remembers the picture in the van going up in flames, and Thor...Loki...nearly
stammering, I’m sorry...I didn’t mean...
Shaking her head, Amy closes her eyes. “No, but that is not the point.”
Putting her bag on the floor and wheeling it out into the hallway, Beatrice says, “Well, then
what is your point?”
“This is madness.”
“I said I would drive him,” says Beatrice, beginning her agonizingly slow descent of the
Strong, independent, stubborn, Ukrainian. She hasn’t even driven in years – Beatrice behind
the wheel is probably more dangerous than Thor-Loki-whoever.
Swallowing, Amy shouts, “I’m driving!”
Chapter 7
A few minutes later they are standing in the garage in front of the Subaru. Fenrir is dancing
happily next to them. It is not a great city car, but Amy’s grandfather liked fishing and escaping
the city on weekends. Thor-Loki-Whoever-It-Is is carrying a cooler. He is back in a T-shirt and
jeans, a black messenger bag over one shoulder. He is looking at the late afternoon sky. “We’ll
have a few hours of daylight left.”
Amy rolls her eyes. “This is crazy,” she mumbles, hitting the unlock button on the Subaru’s