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I Bring the Fire Part I: Wolves

wearing armor again.
Her hands are shaking. “No,” Amy says. “I really don’t think so.” Her eyes go to the window. Outside is a
road, only a little wider than the alley — definitely not made for two way traffic. For some reason she isn’t
surprised it is yellow brick. On either side of the road is a dense forest. But...she peers either way. On one
side it is dense and foreboding. On the other side it is open and light, and she has the urge to crack open the
cooler and declare it time for a picnic right away.
He takes a long breath and rubs his face. “How can I help you recover?”
Amy looks around. “Can I get out?”
Thor-Loki-Whoever looks at the sun. “I would say yes, but it would be best if we reach our destination
before sunset.”
Amy looks towards the dark wood and then looks back to her grandmother. She is looking in the same
“That side doesn’t look friendly, Loki,” says Beatrice.
“Exactly,” says Thor-Loki-Whoever-It-Is, his voice grim.
Amy puts her foot gently on the gas. “Loki,” she says. He really might be Loki.
“Exactly,” says the man sitting next to her, and this time she can hear the smirk in his voice.
Amy wills herself to breathe and keep her eyes on the road. Which is hard. She wants to stop and look.
The trunks of the trees look lavender on the light side, the leaves almost blue. On the dark side, the tree
trunks look so purple they are nearly black.
“There was color when we...crossed,” says Beatrice. “Like a rainbow — ”
“Yes,” says the man who actually might be Loki. “Time acts like a prism at the edge of the World Gates.”
“The rainbow bridge,” says Beatrice quietly.
Loki tilts his head. “I believe that humans did call it that once.”
“The light,” says Amy. “The light here is different.” Everything seems a little bit blue.
“The star that is this planet’s sun is much older. I believe you would call it a white dwarf,” says Loki.
“Oh,” says Amy. She blinks. “We’re on another planet.”
“Yes. In a whole other solar system,” says Loki.
“My, my,” says Beatrice. Amy looks in the rear-view mirror and sees her patting Fenrir on her lap. “My,
For a few minutes, Amy drives in silence, too overwhelmed to speak. Beatrice must feel the same because
she says nothing. After a while, Amy hazards a glance over at...Loki. His mouth is set in a firm line, his eyes
focused far ahead. He looks handsome, noble even.
“Can you drive faster?” he says. The question sounds genuine, not like he’s second guessing her driving
Amy looks down at the speedometer. She’s going all of 20 miles per hour. “Can I expect any oncoming