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I Bring the Fire Part I: Wolves

“It is impossible to know position or momentum with certainty,” says the voice, barely
audible now, the mist almost invisible.
Leave it to a magical creature to stumble over the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. Magic
really was just expanded quantum theory.
“Yes, that’s true,” Loki says, trying to remain patient. “But you can think of your position in
relative terms to mine and then give an estimate of location...”
There is no response, and Loki exhales heavily in frustration. He is very curious. But he
doesn’t have time for this right now. He needs to eat and sleep to give himself enough energy to
open a gate to the World Tree. He needs to find Valli and Nari.
He slips on a shirt that was in the pile of towels and sheets. Stepping out of the bathroom, he
looks at his armor and sword laid out neatly on the bed.
Beatrice is going to touch him. He just knows it. He goes to his knapsack, pulls out his book
and slips it into his pocket. Closing his eyes, he briefly projects his consciousness out of the
small room, through the roof, and into the sky. There are no ravens in sight.
Jaw tight, he heads for the stairs.
Chapter 5
Thor, the weird maybe figment of Amy’s imagination, shows up for dinner wearing a
chambray shirt that used to belong to Amy’s grandfather. Her grandfather was a tall man, but it
still barely comes to Thor’s waistband. He’s rolled up the sleeves so they don’t look too short.
He’s shaved and his hair is clean and combed back from his eyes. It’s disturbing, but he of the
inappropriate King-Arthur-esque come-ons cleans up nicely.
She shakes her head. Remember the armor, Amy. Remember the ping when you flicked his
Remember he saved you...
She sighs. She is probably just imagining all of this. It’s too much to think about, so she
focuses on the spread on the table.
Beatrice has pulled out the stops for Amy’s rescuer. Amy’s grandmother is of Ukrainian
descent, and the table shows it. Stuffed cabbages, sausages, boiled potatoes, and homemade
sauerkraut. Amy prefers to eat vegetarian, and in deference to that her grandmother has also laid
out some cheese sandwiches and mushroom soup with dumplings.
Thor sits down with a big smile and proceeds to eat everything. He doesn’t eat fast, doesn’t