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I Bring the Fire Part I: Wolves

“You shouldn’t go ping,” she says. “I have to be dreaming.”
He stares at her a moment, beyond irritated. He’s saved her life, sat through a tortuously long questioning
session, carried her bags for her — and he’s hungry. Yet she has the gall to question her good fortune, to
question him, and to ping his armor.
He suddenly has the desire to be a little cruel. “You’re not dreaming,” he says. Dropping the illusion he
stands before her in his armor. “Does this help?” he says with a smile.
The sound of footsteps on the stairs makes the girl turn her head. “Change back,” she says. “Don’t
frighten my grandmother.”
Loki would rather not frighten anyone who will feed him. He slips back into the illusion of “totally retro”
Beatrice comes around the corner, a stack of linens in her hand. Loki smiles benevolently at her.
“Amy, why don’t you show him the spare room?” Beatrice says.
Taking the load from from her grandmother, Amy says, “This way.”
As she leads him out of the house, Loki looks up at the sky. He sees no sign of ravens, the spies of Odin.
He doubts Heimdall can see him. Heimdall has to know where to look first. Just in case he puts on his
helmet, disguised as a fedora, before he follows her across the tiny lawn and into an alley behind the garage.
Amy unlocks and lifts the garage door. Inside, off to one side, is a large vehicle. It reminds him vaguely of a
Amy leads him past the vehicle to a door. She unlocks it and says, “It’s a little inconvenient,” and then
leads him up a flight of stairs. Every step upward the heat becomes more and more oppressive.
Loki lets the illusion of Earth clothing drop again. It’s a game, and she started it.
At the top of the stairs she turns around and jumps at the sight of his armor. She does have one of the
lovelier bosoms Loki has seen on this or any other world, and the bounce does rather nice things. He smirks.
Thrusting the pile of linens at him, she says, “Here.” And turning around again she walks into a medium-
sized room. There is a bed in one corner, and a couch. “The shower is that way,” she gestures towards a door,
“And the swinging door takes you to a kitchenette. I think there are glasses. There isn’t any food, though. Do
you need me to show you how to turn on the air conditioning?”
That’s it? No more questions?
...Air conditioning?
He is a Frost Giant, and the room is rather uncomfortable, even if his armor does have some temperature
“I would like help with the air conditioning,” he says.
She walks over to a boxlike thing in the window, plugs it into the wall, and shows him how to operate the