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I Bring the Fire Part I: Wolves

thick smell of blood. Loki sees a leg separate at the knee. Almost instantly it reattaches. Loki’s
eyes go wide and Cronus laughs.
“Think you’re clever, Little Giant? I disguised how quickly I can heal from your brother,
Odin! But I don’t want you to get away.”
With a roar he heaves one of the villagers through a wall.
Loki’s mind uncoils. He doesn’t know if it is fear or bravery which sets him in motion. “Keep
going!” Loki shouts to the remaining villagers, running to the wall and grabbing several iron
A villager separates the other leg with an axe, and this time, Loki stabs a nail into the severed
knee, preventing a clean bond of the severed flesh. Cronus gives a cry of rage and tries to bend
down to remove the nail, but the humans sense his weakness and redouble their efforts. An arm
falls away, and again Loki is there, stabbing another iron nail into the wound.
They can’t get to the head before all the limbs are severed and the joints secured from
reattachment. Cronus is unaffected by loss of blood, and he manages to throw a few more
villagers off him with the power of his mind alone. But at last, when he can barely move, when
he’s just a torso and a head, he looks at Loki and his eyes open wide. “You,” he says. And then
he sneers, “Plan to flush me down the river like you did your brother?”
Loki feels like he’s been struck. He wants to demand to know what Cronus is talking about but
then a villager’s’ axe falls down on Cronus’ neck and his eyes go blank.
Loki falls back gasping. He starts to shake; he’s not sure why. He’s safe
Chapter 3
Sheriff Ken McSpadden sits in his office, the driver’s license of Thor Odinson in his hand. It’s
an Oklahoma drivers license, just like Amy Lewis’ license. The picture on this license is
definitely the man who saved Amy Lewis by killing Ed Malson – a name that was soon to go
down in serial killer history.
On his computer monitor Thor’s license information is displayed again. It took a while to pull
the record up. They had some computer problems first.
Thor’s social security number checks out...but that’s a little weird, too. Like the license
details, before Thor’s social security number cleared they had computer trouble, a flicker, an
error...and then...everything was okay.
Thor’s got a clean record as far as the criminal databases are concerned. McSpadden tried