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I Bring the Fire Part I: Wolves

“Yes,” says Loki.
“She says Malson said he’d kill her if she opened her mouth,” says the Sheriff.
For a moment, Loki thinks he’s being cross examined and feels the corner of his lip start to tug upward
into a cruel smile. But then he realizes McSpadden’s body language is still non-confrontational. He seems
Loki schools his features into a look of sympathy. “Yes.” He blinks. “She thinks she saw a wolf, too.
But...” he shrugs. “There was only her little dog. She is understandably distraught.”
“Yes,” says McSpadden. “The wolf...”
There is a knock at the door, and McSpadden excuses himself from the table. The door opens and Colbert
is there with the cat. “She’s clean, but Patches didn’t like the dog. Thought you might like her...”
Before Colbert can finish the sentence, the cat launches itself out of his arms and walks over in Loki’s
direction, tail swishing madly back and forth.
Loki’s eyes go up to the two men in the door. Both of their mouths are slightly agape.
“Do you want me to stay?” Colbert whispers.
They know the cat senses magic! But how have they even come in contact with magic before? Loki closes
his eyes a moment. Of course. The same branch of the World Tree that sucked him here from the Aesir
magical dump. They’ve had other things drop in...possibly very unpleasant things.
Loki looks back to Patches. Holding out a finger, he says, “Here, Patches, no need to worry. The Sheriff
and I are just having a little chat.” Patches approaches Loki slowly. She sniffs his finger carefully, and then
rubs her head against it.
Loki looks up to McSpadden. The Sheriff straightens. Loki restrains a smile.
“I’ll be alright, Colbert,” says McSpadden.
Loki tilts his head. As the door closes and McSpadden sits down again, Loki projects a warm cloud of
warmth around his hand. As he expects, Patches’ caution quickly evaporates. She begins purring and rubbing
her head and body against his fingers.
With a smile Loki reaches down and puts her on his lap, settling another warm bubble of air around her.
Patches lies down on his knee and begins purring loudly, kneading her claws, and staring in McSpadden’s
direction. Cats are utter whores for a warm lap.
Loki can’t restrain his smile. “You have more questions?”
x x x x
In the interrogation room McSpadden’s phone buzzes with a text message. He looks down. It’s from
Laura Stodgill. He carefully peeks at it beneath the table.
Positive match. In discussion as to what to do. Don’t make him angry.
Well, that’s comforting. Tilting his head, he looks back up to Thor.
“...and so you are on your way to the Dakotas to take part in the oil boom,” says McSpadden. It’s