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I Bring the Fire Part I: Wolves

Feeling like a heel, she turns to the steering wheel. Her hands are shaking so much she doesn’t
really want to go anywhere for a few minutes.
“Dude!” comes a loud voice from outside the car.
Raising her eyes, she sees three guys with spiky hair in hipster clothing standing directly in
front of them in the alley. Their mouths are open. The middle one’s got a bottle of something in
his hands. It falls to the ground and lands with a crash.
Somewhere a police siren wails.
Swallowing, Amy revs the engine a bit. The hipsters move to the side. She pulls out into the
alley and heads home. Thankfully, they don’t run into any police. She’s sure driving with a hole
in the back of your car is some sort of moving violation.
Loki says nothing the entire way. He just slouches over in the seat, his breathing ragged and
uneven as though he’s extremely tired or might weep.
It’s still mostly dark out when she backs into the garage, and she doesn’t see any neighbors
about. Beatrice says, “Oh, my, are we home already?”
Before Amy’s even parked, Loki jumps out of his seat and walks out of the garage.
“I’ll be right back, Grandma!” Amy says, following him.
She catches him just a few feet outside of the garage. “Loki,” she says putting a hand on his
left arm that doesn’t have any armor on it. He stops but doesn’t look at her.
Jaw tight he says, “I think you should know, I have tangled the branch of the world tree we
came through. Neither Odin or Heimdall will be able to follow it and find you – ” He stops,
closes his eyes, takes a deep breath and disappears. For an instant Amy feels him beneath her
hand, warm and solid, but then that’s gone, too.
Fenrir barks in the garage. Amy just stands staring in the empty alley, feeling hollow and
Chapter 12
It’s nearly 9:00 PM, three days after Loki disappeared. Amy is just coming home from a shift
as vet tech at a clinic up on the North Side. She only gets about eight hours a week from the
clinic, and she has managed to get another four as a hostess at a restaurant, but jobs are
surprisingly hard to come by this summer.
As Amy climbs the stairs with Fenrir scampering at her feet, she sees Beatrice’s door ajar, the
light on. She peeks in. Beatrice is sitting on her bed. The dress from Alfheim is hanging on her