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I Bring the Fire Part I: Wolves

can, but keep us on the road!”
Shaking, Amy puts her foot back on the gas.
“They don’t want us dead,” Loki says as though the words are a revelation to himself.
“They’re just trying to flush us out.”
Amy blinks. “The sparks will hit the car, and they’ll see them bounce...”
“Exactly,” says Loki, his hand on her leg again.
“I think I can do this.” says Amy, speeding up. As long as she doesn’t have to worry about the
blasts killing them, she feels much better. Also, they’re scaring the crazy shadow things away.
And that’s good.
Amy zigzags through the flares that are falling down on the road.
At one point she thinks they’re going to roll over, but a few minutes later, the road ahead of
them is clear. She looks in the rearview, all the flares are bursting on the road behind them.
Loki pats her lap. “Well done.”
Her heart is in her ears, and she’s panting, but she laughs aloud. “We did it!”
The words are barely out of her mouth when she hears a loud clang. Sparks cascade over her
head and down the sides of the car like a waterfall. “Uh-oh,” she says.
“Drive!” says Loki.
Amy floors the pedal, but up ahead and behind them shapes are falling from the sky. Another
flare is fired directly towards them from in front; it explodes on the windshield, and suddenly the
car and everything inside is visible again – but Amy can’t see the road at all. She puts her foot on
the brakes, gently this time so they don’t skid.
She looks to her side. Loki is next to her. His face has a sheen to it, his mouth is open, and she
notices he’s breathing heavily. He’s not looking at her. His eyes are focused on the road ahead of
Amy follows his gaze. About 100 yards ahead of them are women carrying spears, standing
around an enormous man in front of a chariot without a horse. In the enormous man’s hands
there is a hammer that is glowing with the pale blue white of lightning.
Loki takes a deep breath, and his voice comes out low, malevolent, but tinged with something
desperate. “It is the mighty Thor.”
Chapter 11