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I Bring the Fire Part I: Wolves

The car calls again – it sounds so close, and the way its call echoes through the palace it
sounds almost as though it is inside. Taking a sharp breath he opens his eyes. He doesn’t break
That thought is the thread of strength that makes him stand up. He looks around. To one side
is the receiving room he entered by last night, to the other side is the queen’s bedroom, now in
flames. The queen stands in front of him, haloed by the fire, her face calm. “Once again you
leave me for a mortal,” she says.
Loki has no time for her games. Narrowing his eyes he says, “How long do I have?”
“I will give you five minutes to leave the palace grounds before I send the guards after you.
After that you’re on your own.”
Loki tilts his head. In the receiving chambers he hears the crackle of more flames.
“I cannot afford to let Odin think I allowed you to escape,” says the elf queen.
“Of course not,” Loki hisses. For a moment the air between them shimmers. Loki wants to see
her smooth beautiful body burst into flames. But another part...another part of him feels sorrow,
pity and guilt that he cannot understand.
The elf queen’s face is as unworried as a Greek statue, and that’s a shame. Such a beautiful
face would be more beautiful with emotion on it – even if the emotion were anger or hatred.
“You don’t have time for this,” the queen says. “Run.”
Loki stares at her a heartbeat more. And then securing his makeshift pack over his shoulder,
he backs away from her into the receiving room. The door to the secret passage is open, the
covering tapestry nowhere in sight.
Loki runs.
Chapter 10
Maybe it won’t be so bad if the elves alert Asgard, and presumably Odin, that Loki is in
Alfheim. Maybe Odin will just take Loki, send Beatrice and Amy home, and be on his way.
Or maybe he’ll leave Amy and Beatrice in Alfheim forever.
Amy swallows. The truth is, no matter what mercy Odin might grant to her and Beatrice,
Amy’s worried about Loki. Twisted and perverted as he may be, if it weren’t for him she
wouldn’t be alive – or ever seen a hadrosaur.
Hands shaking, Amy drives up the road to the elf palace. The sky has turned overcast now.
There is no starlight, just the light of the green orbs that seem to be the elven version of street