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I Bring the Fire Part I: Wolves

Amy looks between them. Their eyes are wide.
“No, no, he’s really not that bad,” Amy says. “He saved my life...and he’s kind, a little
pervy, ...but...”
The elves exchange glances.
“Please don’t tell!” Amy says. “Just please don’t tell.”
Liddel’s eyes narrow. “We will tell no one.”
Narrowing her own eyes, Dolinar smiles slightly...and it’s not a kind smile. “Let the queen
deal with the breaker of worlds.”
Chapter 9
Loki pulls his neck back instinctively from the sharp bite of his blade. He just needs a
moment's distraction. He glances around the room. Perhaps if he set the curtains on fire...
Hissing, the elf queen steps forward and he feels the point nip at his skin again. His eyes
return to the shining piece of steel.
“You should not be awake,” she says. That answers a question at the back of his mind. She’d
enchanted him. He searches for something pithy to say, but before he can open his mouth, she
shakes the book and shouts, “My lover’s book. You have it! Why?”
The book is Lothur’s journal. Hoenir gave it to Loki centuries ago. Shocked by the question,
Loki just stares at her dumbly. She wears only a dressing gown tied loosely at the waist. Her eyes
are narrow and too wet, her mouth open and slightly turned down. He tries to parse the emotions
he is seeing: anger, sadness, disbelief.
“Can you read it!” she says, pricking the blade beneath his chin. He feels the warm ooze of a
trickle of blood.
Loki scrambles backwards on his elbows, the sheet falling away from his bare chest. “Gala
Drill,” he whispers, the words rushing from his lips unbidden.
The elf queen’s eyes go wide. “How do you know my name?”
Loki blinks. How does he know it? Amy told him...but it’s more than that. The blade starts to
shake in the elf queen’s hand. “Can you read the book?” she says her voice a low hiss.
Staring at the gleaming steel, he says, “Yes.”
“Prove it!” she says, throwing the small ancient volume towards him.
Loki’s heart nearly stops as the book tumbles through the air and opens like a bird. Heedless
of the blade, Loki throws up his hands and catches it as gently as he can. Glaring at her, he pulls