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How to Master Successfully Any Language of the World

This book is a brief summary of experience that I have acquired from teaching languages
and from learning languages myself. As for today, I have mastered six languages up to
advanced and native levels (two of them are native, indeed) and four more languages to
intermediate level.
In my book I share with you the most successful techniques for language learning.
There’s little theoretical reasoning behind each statement. This is a practical reference
and it should be treated and used as such.
Always feel free to contact me. I love to hear from my readers. Your opinion is important
to me! And – whichever language you are learning and whatever difficulty you may
have, I’ll be glad to help you.
The Reader assumes all responsibility for use and application of this book and waives all
claims against the author that may arise from utilization of this book or of any data
presented in this book. Further, the author or copyright holder shall in no event be liable
for any damages or losses, including without limitation, direct, indirect, consequential,
special, incidental or punitive damages resulting from or caused by this book or its
content, including without limitation from Reader’s use or inability to use the book, or
any error or omissions in content.
You agree that using the information and techniques described in this book is solely at
your own discretion.