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How to Marry a Psychopath

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Published: 4 years ago

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A very naughty, humorous take on the curve-balls that life sometimes throws at us.


This book needs to come with a warning - DO NOT READ AT WORK! You will not be able to hold back the laughter!! Loved it!!

Amanda Curits-Wilson

Gave this a go but it just wasn't for me. Mildly amusing in parts but I'm sorry to say it struck me as a rather dated, poorly written blog.


While I agree the writing is funne, this actually isn't a book so much as it is a series of blog postings loosely strung together. If I wanted to read a blog about someone's life, I'd go on line and read the blog.

stephanie hardwick

omg this book had me rolling love it.hope to hear more from fruitloopmum.


Laugh out loud funny, thank you

David Geary

This book was garbage.


It's all about my life, so I HAVE to write something positive. Thanks to all those who have been sharing, liking, and writing nice things about my book. I'll invite you to the awards night when they turn this into a comedy series! MWAH darling Fruitloopmum fans x

Viv Lakeboga

Well it's taken me only a few hours to read this fantastic book. It is so very funny and relates very 'normal' situations that come up in all families - unless we're fruitloops too, which is quite possible. Can't wait for the next book. Thanks for the entertainment

Viv Lakeboga

brilliant. funny, warm, fast read.

Viv Lakeboga

This author has so much talent. You are gripped from the first line. I don't usually laugh out loud when reading, but you just can't help it with this book. And I think everyone has had some of the experiences. A really good read and I highly recommend it to everyone - male or female, you'll laugh. Thank you so much for writing this book and sharing it.

elaine thompson

Thanks for a really honest and humerous read. Keep on with the engaging writing.

martyn evans

Bloody great. I know loads of people who would love to live life like fruitloopmum. Me included.



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