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How To Turn Challenging Situations Around

Mind control
If you want to learn to think in a new way, you're going to have to fight your
natural instinct to stick to the old way.
Your brain cannot do anything but choose the "best way" on the day - the way it knows
best - the old way.
In time - and with practice - the new way will become the "best way." Until then,
you'll have to fight the temptation to quit, postpone or take a rest.
With something like this, there is no such thing as resting. If you're not practising
one thing, you're practising another - and practice makes perfect!
What sort of thinking do you want to perfect?
Well then - you've got to take charge and make your mind knuckle down to it! You won't
feel like it - you'll come up with all sorts of excuses. Remember: mind control!